DPPN Workshop "Plant Phenotyping" at the Botaniker Conference 2017 in Kiel from 8 to 21 September 2017



During the "Botanikertagung" in Kiel (the biggest Geman Conference for Plant Sciences with  more than 450 parrticipants) DPPN  took the opportunity  to present and introduce Plant Phenotyping and Plant Phenotyping Sciences as a research field to the Plant Science Community by organizing  a Plant-Phenotyping Workshop on 19 September 2017. After a general overview on the current national German and international (EMPHASIS, IPPN) plant-phenotyping activities, highlights of current plant phenotyping methods and facilities had been presented, not just by DPPN, but also of other relevant research institution, in particular "Julius-Kühnen-Institute" and "Hochschule Osnabrück."