Technology Platform Patho

Plant Volatiles
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Scope Single Plant / Array
Location of the facility Growth chamber / stationary
Screening object Single plants
Plant size/Species Up to 70 cm in height / diverse
Trait and parameters Profiles of emissions of plant volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and photosynthesis
Method Collection (Air samplingsystem) and analysis (PTR-ToF-MS) of plant emissions
Capacity/Throughput 48 air sampling cuvettes in parallel / day
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High-throughput Confocal microscopy
Laser scanning confocal microscope
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Scope Organ Organ
Location of the facility stationary  
Screening object Single plants Single plants
Plant size/Species Seedlings (up to 2 weeks)/small plants Small test plants and seedlings
Trait and parameters Automated phenotyping of fluorescently labelled plants in 96-well format Detailed analysis of intracellular or tissue-specific signaling transport routes
Method Fluorescence Microscopy  
Capacity/Throughput High throughput Single samples
Timeline in preparation in preparation