Plant 2030 Statusseminar

Foto: PLANT 2030/Arlt

Also this year DPPN presented itself at the Plant 2030 Status Seminar in Potsdam. In addition to a summary presentation of the plants and technologies developed within the framework of the DPPN project at all three locations, the perspectives of DPPN after completion of the project were presented.


The project work at FZJ and HMGU has already been completed - at IPK the planned high-throughput plant phenotyping facilities will be implemented in the plant culture hall. The partners involved in the DPPN project have founded the DPPN e.V. in order to make these new technologies available to external users from academia and industry in the future for the benefit of plant and breeding research in Germany. One of the aims of this non-profit association is to generate funds for the free use of these facilities by scientific institutions in Germany. Discussions are currently taking place with the BMBF regarding the financing of such a system and the definition of suitable procedures. In addition, the DPPN locations and DPPN as an institution are also involved in all European and global plant phenotyping networks, some of them coordinatively, through which it is already possible to use the facilities for international users (EPPN 2020 and EMPHASIS, as well as IPPN).