Third call is closed! A next call will be launched soon!

"DPPN-ACCESS" offers access to phenotyping infrastructures of the three sites FZJ, IPK and HMGU to researchers from publicly funded research institutions in Germany. Special attention will be paid to German universities, and to early career scientists who would not be able to perform the experiment without the support from DPPN Access. Accesses can aim at addressing basic and applied questions by using phenotyping facilities and technologies. This may include question related to plant science, breeding, technology development or validation.

Access is granted on the basis of proposals. Applications must be submitted in English to ensure an international peer review.

Please check the Application Guidelines

Third call is closed: Submission deadline 12.03.2024, 5:00 pm (German time). 

Proposals are submitted through the DPPN access online submission platform:


Selected users will receive full support to conduct the proposed experiments including:
- Access for eligible user groups to research facilities
- Support for travel and accommodation
- On-site logistical support by the infrastructure staff
- Access to knowledge and know-how at the research infrastructures necessary to complete the proposed experimental work

For more information on available facilities, rules for access, and application forms, please visit:

Overview of facilities/infrastructures

Download the complete Application Guidelines as a pdf-File  APPLICATION GUIDELINES



"DPPN-ACCESS" pilot project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B121


"DPPN-ACCESS 2.0" project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B1500


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