Overview of selected DPPN-ACCESS user experiments to the installation:

DPPN-Access Videos - Experience of users

"RE-TILLER - Tillering dynamics of drought-stressed barley genotypes under different re-watering regimes"

"VolaHemp - Identification of hemp volatile organic compounds accounting for the effect on mitigating enteric methane emissions from ruminants"

"BeetCercoFACE - Effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment on plant development and yield of sugar beet and its effect on the development of Cercospora leaf spot (caused by the fungus Cercospora beticola)"

"HEB-ROOT - Mining promising alleles of genes controlling root traits in the wild barley nested association mapping population HEB-25"


"SI-CO-STRESS - Effects of single and combined environmental stressors on the phenotypic plasticity of the ruderal plant Tanacetum vulgare"