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MRI 1,5 Tesla
Portable NMR
Grow Map-Leaf
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Scope Organ Organ Organ
Screening of Stem < 4m single plants single leaf
Parameters transport water content in living plants leaf expansion growth
Throughput > 1 / day 1 / day 1 / day
Publications   A portable Halbach magnet that can be opened...
Non-invasive approaches for phenotyping of...
Dynamics of leaf and root growth
Spatio-temporal leaf growth patterns New Phytologist 174, 752-761
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Grow Leaf Length
Screen Chamber
Screen House
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Scope Organ Single Plant/Array Single Plant/Array
Screening of single leaf Arabidopsis, small rosettes plants up to 80cm height in pots
Parameters leaf length growth Photosynthesis, leaf structure, architecture 2D biomass, growth
Throughput 7-15 / day ~ 1000 pots / day ~ 200 pots / day
Publications Diel time-courses of leaf growth Simultaneous phenotyping of leaf growth...  
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Scope Organ Plants growing in a canopy
Screening of single leaf and single plant from leaves to canopy
Parameters chemical components distribution structure, photosynthesis and transpiration
Throughput ~30 / day middle
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