How to submit a proposal?

Access is granted on the basis of a simple application procedure. Applications can be submitted using on-line submission platform.

The proposal content is divided into three sections:

1. Technical feasibility (Feasibility 30 points / threshold 20 points)

Applicants should contact the installation operators prior to the submission of a proposal to extensively discuss the feasibility of the access projects and describe how the feasibility was assessed. Only applications that demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed access projects at the respective installation will be considered.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • Was a scientist in charge of the aimed installation contacted?

  • Was the feasibility discussed with scientists of this installation?

  • Was this scientist consulted in the preparation of the proposal?

2. Excellence: description of work (40 points /threshold 30 points)

The projects have to demonstrate scientific excellence or technological progress (for technology development assess).

Key points to be addressed:

  • Introduction and background of the DPPN access project

  • Expected impact of the proposed DPPN access project

  • Previous work and existing datasets related to the access project, how do they contribute to the success of the DPPN access project

  • A detailed work plan

3. Output (30 points /threshold 20 points)

Scientific progress leading to publications or proven technological progress are expected

Key points to be addressed:

  • What type of results do you expect from the proposed DPPN access projects?

  • How will this benefit the question you want to answer?

  • What are the expected publications?

  • Data management plan (how will the data (incl. raw data) be made available to the community

Each section is evaluated and will receive points from the reviewer. Only proposals that pass the threshold value for each section can be approved.

Login to the on-line submission platform to write your proposal: Submission-Platform



"DPPN-ACCESS" pilot project
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"DPPN-ACCESS 2.0" project
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