How are applications for access selected and evaluated?

Access is granted on the basis of proposals. All proposals will be evaluated by at least two independent reviewers, an external expert in the specific field in question and an DPPN platform scientist who is not working at the platform targeted by the application. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers and the feasibility of the proposed project (evaluated by the platform scientist) proposals will be ranked and selected for access.

The evaluation criteria of the submitted proposals are as follows:

  • technical feasibility (Note: Please contact the platform scientist and discuss the feasibility prior to the submission of the proposal)

  • the projects have to demonstrate scientific excellence

  • scientific progress leading to publications is expected




"DPPN-ACCESS" pilot project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B121


"DPPN-ACCESS 2.0" project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B1500


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