Are you eligible?

  • Access is free for users from publicly funded research institutions in Germany

  • The user group leader and the other group members must work in Germany

  • Special attention will be paid to German universities, and to early career scientists who would not be able to perform the experiment without the support from DPPN Access

  • Users from the DPPN e.V. (IPK Gatersleben, HMGU and FZJ) are not allowed to apply for access

  • Accesses can aim at addressing basic and applied questions by using phenotyping facilities and technologies. This may include question related to plant science, breeding, technology development or validation

  • Applicants may apply for access to multiple installations, for each access to an installation a separate application is needed, i.e. only applications for one access to one installation will be eligible. Access to two or more installations requires two or more applications



"DPPN-ACCESS" pilot project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B121


"DPPN-ACCESS 2.0" project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B1500


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