What to do after proposal approval?

Each applicant will be informed about the outcome of its proposal approximately 8 weeks after the submission deadline.

In case the DPPN access proposal is accepted, the user and access provider will directly negotiate the final detail of the access implementation. To enable this step, the applicant will contact the host institution about the further procedure for organizing and implementing the access to the infrastructure including dates of visit, travel and accommodation.

Selected users obtain full support to perform the proposed experiments including:

- Access for eligible user groups to research facilities
- Support for travel and accommodation
- On-site logistic support by the infrastructure staff
- Access to knowledge and know-how at the research infrastructures necessary to complete the proposed experimental work



"DPPN-ACCESS" pilot project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B121


"DPPN-ACCESS 2.0" project
Grant Agreement/FKZ 031B1500


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